Davao-based American lists down 3 ironies about Rappler’s revoked license

Facebook netizen, Jonathan A. Watson, took to the popular social media site to point out 3 “hilarious ironies” about the Securities and Exchange Commission revoking the online news agency, Rappler’s license to operate.
Jonathan Watson / Photos from Facebook and Rappler

In the post, Watson said that the first irony is that although Rappler is seemingly against the Duterte administration and that the reason for the unapproval of their license is because of having foreigners investing in the company, President Rodrigo Duterte is actually for the relaxing of foreign investment restrictions.

The second reason Watson posted is that although Rappler’s license is revoked, Maria Ressa and her team can still resort to blogging, something, according to Watson that Rappler journalists have been so hard on.

The last irony that Watson pointed out was that the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP) flagged one of Watson’s post as fake news and was hence censored from Facebook as well. 

He said that what is happening to Rappler right now it a taste of their own medicine.

Read his full post here:

"Rappler having their license revoked shows 3 hilarious ironies:

1.) They were invested in by foreigners, which the SEC claims is a form of media ownership, hence is unconstitutional due to restrictions against foreign media (business) ownership. If the SEC is correct in saying this, this is hilarious because Duterte, whom Rappler seems to hate, is trying to push for constitutional reform which is inclusive of relaxing foreign investment restrictions. This means they're going to have to want similar if they want to continue with what's allegedly unconstitutional.

2.) Constitutionally, Maria Ressa and friends still have their right to freedom of speech. This is inclusive of blogging or citizen journalism, which Ressa seems to harbor negative prejudices against after unfairly calling many out as "fake news", "trolls", and "bots".

3.) NUJP- a Rappler-bias sympathizer- flagged one of the blog posts spreading one of my statuses, and labeled it as fake news. Facebook also censored the link, and the only one I know of who can push for "fake news" censorship through Facebook's partnership is Rappler. Hence, those on their side are getting a taste of what I felt, but in a seemingly justified manner (though what happened with me was more of an indirect thing, rather than direct).

If the SEC is correct, then feel the burn, Ressa. 👊

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