Aquino lies to UN to get $13M US aid

A statement issued by a human rights group proved that former President Benigno Aquino III lied about the dire state of human rights during his term.
Former President Noynoy Aquino / Photo from ABS-CBN

Cristina Palabay, Secretary General of the human rights group Karapatan, reported back in 2012 that Aquino told “lies on the human rights situation [of the Philippines to] the international community, through the Universal Periodic Review process at the United Nations (UN).

Aquino gave a different report to the UN so that he could “justify the release of the more than $13 million in US military assistance to the [Philippines], which was blocked since 2008, when international solidarity groups brought to fore the issues of extrajudicial killings and other rights violations in the Philippines.

Palabay asserted that Aquino made it look as though his administration was “taking concrete steps to address extrajudicial killings”, however, Palabay stated the case of indigenous peoples’ leader Genesis Ambason who “was shot and tortured to death by paramilitary groups in Agusan del Sur.”

Human rights defenders, victims and their relatives, and communities under military attack can attest to the prevailing, if not more emboldened, climate of impunity under Aquino,” she added.

The Aquino administration held a record of 112 cases of extrajudicial killings which was pending either at the prosecutorial or court levels, Palabay said.

Aquino embraced a culture of impunity by delaying or neglecting extrajudicial killings and not bringing to justice those responsible for the deaths.

Instead of enacting the Anti-enforced disappearance bill and the Marcos Victims Compensation bill, Aquino has expedited and signed into law the Cybercrime Prevention Law which infringes on the right to freedom of expression. All of these illustrate the state of impunity under Aquino,” Palabay furthered.

Source: Inquirer
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