Lawyer questions ANC's bias reports about Duterte

Attorney Bruce Rivera recently took it to Facebook to question how media company ANC creates their stories about different personalities.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit to the owner

In his post, Rivera pointed out that ANC allegedly always end their articles about Duterte in a sour note. He said that they seem to highlight the negative aspect of an event or action that Duterte did, even when those negative instances he says, are not within the control of the president.

He also paralleled this to other articles that ANC has written. He alleges that when it came to stories about former President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III, the stories ended positively.

Ending his post, he questions if what they are doing is “In the service of the Filipino”.

Read his full post here:

Dear ANC,

Sorry ha, I am also part of a news network so I will temper my language as not to antagonize you.

When you report about President Duterte, it always starts with a failure even if it is an achievement. You highlight the negative and did not even explain that he was not allowed to do so for security reasons. (The Yellow circle)

However, even during the times people already saw the incompetence of President Aquino during the Mamasapano incident, you still managed to make it look and appear good. Even amidst the insensitivity of his remarks, you made it about the money and benefits. It was salvaging something very negative and ending it with a positive note.

In the service of the Filipino ba ito? Tanong lang.

Source: Facebook
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