Krizette Chu hits back at Duterte bashers

Avid Duterte supporter, Krizette Laureta Chu, recently posted on Facebook a response to a netizen to pointed out that before, Duterte supporters praised the president’s simple lifestyle, and now also defends Duterte’s want to buy expensive things.
Krizette Laureta Chu and Jzel Elaine Ignacio / Photo credit to the owner

Duterte fanatics beforeHis simple lifestyle is so admirable.
Duterte fanatics nowHe can affored luxury.

Chu said that just because President Rodrigo Duterte visited a luxury watch store in Makati mall, does not mean that he is suddenly rich.

She says that the president has a right to window shop as well.

She adds that there must be another reason why Duterte opted to go to the mall himself, because he could have hired personal shoppers to do his shopping for him, or many other people that can buy him stuff.

Read her full post here:

"Minsan mapapailing ka na lang sa katangahan ng mga tao.

Number one, alam niyong matalino si Duterte. Why would he go to an expensive watch store if he had something to hide? Why not buy during one of his many trips abroad.

And hello, rich people don't even have to go to malls. They have a personal shopper to do that for them, and in some VVIP cases, it's the brand who goes to the house of the client, bringing their goods. Every time they have a new collection, they do house calls to present to their loyal clients.

Eh PRESIDENTE pa kaya? He can summon the country manager of the brand and even get a discount. May catalog at website rin ano.

The point is, if he wanted to HIDE his purchases he could.

Bawal magliwaliw? Bawal mag window shop? I go to expensive stores I cannot afford just to look, so that it inspires me (no not really, I go to travel websites and Iceland hotel sites, doesn't mean I'm spending agad. It serves as a motivation.)

Maka react. Walang common sense?"
Photo credit to the owner

Source: Facebook
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