If Mar Roxas was president instead of Duterte…-- A letter of Yellow supporter

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Had it been Mar Roxas instead of President Rodrigo Duterte who held the highest position in the land today, a netizen enumerated the possibilities and the problems that would plague the Philippines.

Netizen and Yellow supporter Vicente Romano III admitted that had Roxas been president there would still be traffic and a problematic Metro Rail Transit (MRT) with radio broadcasters bashing Roxas and protests across the streets.

Just as it happened with Duterte, Romano predicted that a Roxas presidency would receive the same dissent if he ignored The Hague ruling on the West Philippine Sea and allowed for the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The same criticisms would hit Roxas as it Did Duterte if he handled infrastructure loaning and the Marawi crisis in the same fashion as Duterte did.

However, Romano brought back into the picture the Duterte presidency and how all the problems he tried to address were received by the people.

Referring to pro-Dutertes, Romano said that they admired Duterte for attempting to wipe out the nation of drug addicts even when there were alleged extrajudicial killings.

Even with traffic and increasing taxes in effect, Romano was dismayed at how the public still cheered Duterte on the basis that he was able to address the drug problem anyway.

Romano lamented that there was a “failure in logic” because people readily accepted other problems allegedly caused by the Duterte administration simply because he campaigned against illegal drugs. 

In his full post on Facebook, Romano said,



1) The traffic is still as bad, if not worse, than it was a year ago, and the MRT still breaks down as frequently as it did a year ago…

a) Radio commentators would bash Roxas daily (and not necessarily the DOTR Secretary)

b) Netizens would flood social media with pictures of EDSA at a standstill and long queues at the MRT

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2) If he ignored the hard-won Hague arbitral ruling on the West Philippines Sea, and gives in to China without a howl of protest, and even says “What can we do? We can’t possibly win a war with China”, we’d call him stupid, a coward, or even a traitor.

3) If he allowed the burial of Marcos at LNMB and tells us “Let’s just move on”, we’d tell him, “Move on? Really? Why don’t you move out first!” and we’d join the chorus to impeach him.

4) If prices of basic commodities continue to spiral, the exchange rate reaching record high, and a looming new wave of taxes threatening to make even the prices of noodles and sardines out of reach of the poor, we’d see daily protest rallies led by the Reds, and we’d tell Roxas, “fix the economy first, before anything else!”

5) If he announced that massive infrastructure projects will be financed mostly by loans from China, we’d ask him “Why? What’s wrong with PPP?” And we’d worry that it will bring us back to the Marcos-era debt-ridden economy, and crony-led corruption. Of course, big business doesn’t really care as long as there are projects they can make money from.

6) If he handled the Marawi crisis like what we see today – Martial Law in the whole of Mindanao, unrelenting daily air strikes, high body count of civilians and security forces, and massive devastation of properties, we’d tell him that already this is turning to be far worse than the Mamasapano incident and the Zamboanga siege. We’d also remind him that an all-out war in Mindanao is not the answer.

But Digong is our President. And…

a) When he said there are 4M Filipino drug addicts and pushers, you believed him, and were convinced that the drug problem in our country has reached crisis proportion. And when he said, “I will not allow you to destroy my people”… you admired him, believing that he will protect you and your family.

b) And when the killings started, you said to yourself – “that’s okay, they deserve to die anyway. At least my family is safe.” And when he promised he will make the country drug-free and even said, “I am willing to lose my honor, my life, and even the presidency for this”, you not only admired him – you adored him.

c) Faced with other real-life day-to-day problems like traffic, rising prices, and increased taxes, you tell yourself, “Di bale… konting tiis lang. At least, safe ang family ko from drug addicts.”

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d) When he gave in to China on the West Philippines Sea conflict, and when he announced the massive loans from China to fund his ambitious infrastructure projects, you convinced yourself “he must know what he’s doing. After all, he knows how to solve the drug menace.” You even call him a genius.

e) And when he threatened to carpet-bomb Marawi, if necessary, without due regard to possible civilian casualty – you kept silent, and even cheered him on. After all, Digong said these terrorists are funded by drug money, and he already said he’s sorry and will take full responsibility. That’s good enough for you.

Do you see the failure in logic here? If it were any other President, we’d blame him and demand immediate relief from all the problems we face today. But with Digong, we give him a free pass simply because he promised to solve what he made us believe to be the biggest, and the one and only problem of our country – DRUGS.

Sorry to disappoint you, but solving the drug problem will not necessarily solve our other problems.

IF MAR ROXAS WERE PRESIDENT TODAY, surely we’d still have problems. But not on the same magnitude as we see today, or where Digong is leading us to.


Source: Facebook
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  1. Proliferation of drugs would be enormous if Mar became president. ....

  2. ISIS would have Marawi and eventually have the whole of Mindanao if Mar was president.

  3. If Mar the president today instead of Digong? Worst scenario for Philippines�� Ang mas lalong natutuwa yung ka level ni Mar— the rich and the untouchables and nuisance and lawbreakers of the society������ U understand, Mr. Romano? So, sorry it’s not Mar but PRRD is. Let’s see if Mar will be elected as senator again then, u write us back after the election����


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